About Us


We Are The World's First Kid-Owned and Kid-Ran Franchise

Xenwiches is the first business in which it is entirely operated and managed by young aspiring entrepreneurs under the age of eighteen. It allows us to set an example for other business owners by showing them that we can accomplish our business dreams even in youth.

We're Based Around Preparing Young Business Entrepreneurs for Success

This pop-up restaurant allows me, Xen Renai, and other children to have hands on experience to prepare us for the future of the food business at a young age. We are always improving on our service and finding more optimal ways to handle marketing, ensuring that we are prepared for any sort of entrepreneurship.

We Operate In An Indefinitely Improving Work Environment

We take pride in providing the best customer service and interaction. Part of our success is always asking for constructive criticism and feedback on our product and work ethic.

We Specialize In Using Locally Sourced Ingredients to Promote Other Small Businesses

For our sandwiches, we have gotten a large majority of our ingredients from Atlanta-based operations, such as the Spotted Trotter, a butcher shop specializing in sausages and whole animal butchering.